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Alkahfi.org is a wakaf & non-profit
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Nasihat Ustadz Abdul Somad

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Perfecting religious knowledge is a life-long quest.

We want to assist more Sheikhs/Madrassah and Mosques to own have their own e-learning website for the general Muslim public to learn and practice at their own pace and share lessons with friends and families.

Contact us to develop your own online-learning website for your Sheikh / Madrassah / Institutes / Mosques. You can post free and paid courses.

Benefits of AL-Kahfi's Online Learning System

We offer up-to-date content and emphasize on subjects that are relevant to the fast-growing, digitized and highly challenging live as Muslims of today. The unique skills you will learn here may not be taught in schools and colleges, until they become mainstream.

It’s our mandate to ensure an accelerated learning path and better opportunities for all our learners.

Our courses are conveyed by subject matter experts and experienced scholars.

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Contact us to develop your own online-learning website for your Sheikh / Madrassah / Institutes / Mosques. You can post free and paid courses.

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